About Coworking

The Idea

Work with Me has been designed with working parents of very young children in mind. Trying to get work done while simultaneously caring for a very young child can seem insurmountable. Finding a designated work place in the house, one that is not subjected to the noise or mess of a young child, can be impossible. Renting a complete office space can be prohibitively expensive – especially if it is only going to be used part time.

On the other hand, having a ready-made, full capacity, office space can be a major convenience. Throw in help watching the children while work is being done and it becomes a life-saver (and/or a business saver).

Imagine walking into a space with a desk, chair, wifi, power source, printer/copier, coffee machine, refrigerator space, couches, quiet room for conference calls. Add to that a connected room designated for children filled with safe, enriching activities, and a caring set of hands to help out, while you get your work done.

Co-working spaces are popping up everywhere and for very good reason. They offer the convenience, flexibility, and affordability many who currently work at home are seeking. In addition the pleasure of meeting others in similar circumstances and the chance of getting out of the house and you have a winning combination.

Work with Me is the answer to your prayers.

Spots are filling fast. Priority will be given to those who become members. The more time you rent, the more cost-effective it becomes.