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Hi. My name is Chaya and I’m a work at home mom. (Pictured is my husband Elia and our 2 kids- Dovey and Follie)

I have 2 little boys. A 2-year-old and a 6-month-old. Working from home has always been a dream of mine. I get to utilize some of my talents, make a little bit of money, and get to spend as much time with my kids as I want and not have to pay the exorbitant price of childcare. I wake up in the morning and get to decide if I want to take my boys to the park, the library, the zoo, the beach, or just stay home and play.

The thing is though, when we stay home, I think I can get some work done. But truth be told I can’t. The kids need my attention. I can’t sit on my computer or my phone when they are awake. When I am home, I end up doing laundry, dishes, changing diapers, making 3 breakfasts and a lunch. And maybe get 2 hours of work done if I’m lucky. Or I end up hiring a nanny to watch my kids so that I can work, which ends up costing me almost as much as I am making.

How could I keep my dream of working from home alive? How can I get more work done and still be able to spend time with my kids and not break the bank paying for childcare?

That’s when I came up with “Work with Me” a coworking space for parents and children. A place where parents can sit together and collaborate or work alone while our children are being watched by professionals in the next room over. Somewhere a nursing mom can work comfortably knowing that her baby is nearby and will be available to nurse whenever she needs. A place where I can check in and out depending on my child’s schedule and mood that we are in.

“Work with Me” would be your home office, out of your house. You won’t be able to change the load of laundry or do the dishes, but you can still spend time with your child and get to socialize with other parents who are on the same “work from home” route as you.

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