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About Us


The Idea

“Work with Me” your home office away from home. We are launching a co-working space WITH child-care assistance targeted to the stay-at-home parent. You may not be able to change the load of laundry or do the dishes, however you can still spend time with your child and get to socialize with other parents while getting work done.


How we came to be

"Work with Me" came about by 2 working at home parents. Chaya was relying on the kids naptime to get 2 hours (at most) work done a day, while Elia would just hope the kids wouldn't interfere with his phonecalls, emails, and research.

Needless to say, something had to be done.


The Solution


We have created a Coworking Space with Childcare!

We have a number of designated private desks, where you can leave your work and know that you have a designated area for yourself, a long bar counter table facing the wall, and a high-rise sit/stand table in the middle of the space. We will also include a couple of cozy work nooks, a nursing lounge, a restroom with a changing table, a printer/copier, access to a refrigerator/freezer, microwave, and a coffee machine.

The kids area will feature a baby zone. A soft play climbing area with a ball pit and slide. A quiet reading corner, a train table, manipulative toy zone, and an art zone. We also hope to incorporate a chalk wall, a magnet wall, and a Lego wall.


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